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The internet is flooded with PMP question banks and mock tests, few are free and many are at a high cost of your money and most importantly you Time. Almost all of these tests are far from the real set of question you have to answer in the PMP exam by PMI.  During my preparation of the PMP exam I wasted a lot of money and time attempting many mock tests from various websites and sources, but trust me it really was a waste of time as the question I faced in the real PMP exam was nowhere close to those mock test I wasted my time and money on.  So, after I passed the PMP exam I decided to compile my own set of questions as close to the real exam questions as possible to help aspirants save their time.  If you score more than 60% in this exam I Guarantee your success in the real PMP exam.  
I have complied total of 360 Questions in two parts, 180 question in each part. The best strategy to utilize these tests to the most effect is to attempt Part-1 after your preparation, if you score more than 60% you can go ahead to take the PMP exam confidently, if not, just revise the concepts related to the questions you could not answer rightly and then attempt Part-2.  I am sure if you revise your concepts well after Part-1, you can certainly score more than 60% in Part-2 and in the real exam as well. 
If you are looking for just mock questions to test your preparation, you can attempt Part-1 & Part-2 in any order and if you score more than 60% in any of the exam and more than 55% in both the parts, go ahead and take your PMP exam.
You can attempt Part-1 & Part-2 in any order!
This test is based on 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide and aligned with the latest exam content outline for January 2021.
While writing this test, I have made every effort to include the questions from each task of the exam content outline. I can assure you that if you attempt all the questions given and refer to the PMBOK Guide and Agile Practice Guide (whenever there is a reference to it) you will certainly pass the exam.
Answers are given at the end of the book and explained in detail with the corresponding reference, where applicable.
I welcome your comments and feedback on this book.  If you need any assistance or clarification, I’ll always be available for you. You can contact me at my website.
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I have made special efforts to give you 360 practice questions for PMP exam in 2 parts. Pass these tests & pass the PMP exam.  

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