Busted!! Common myths about the PMP exam

Myth: PMP Exam is very difficult to crack

Truth: It's true that the exam is difficult. About one third of the candidates do not pass the exam in the first attempt. But we see it the other way like 70% of the folks pass it in the very first attempt! What matters is quality of your preparation. Study right from right material and practice with the quality sample questions, take a quality mock test and you are gonna be one of those 70%

Myth: You need to study thru multiple books & courses

Truth: It's about understanding the concepts well rather than going thru book to book or attending multiple courses. This only leads to stress and waste of your money. Clearing PMP is all preparing efficiently. If you understand concepts well than only reading PMBOK and practicing some quality sample questions or taking a quality mock test is a sure shot strategy for success.

Myth: You can get 35 Hours PDU only thru the PMI registered trainers

Truth: No, it is not a prerequisite. PMI accepts the 35 hour PDU certificate as long as it follows the PMI set quality standards. So, you can go ahead and take up the 35 hrs PDU course from your favorite instructor, even online, just make sure it is a quality course.

Myth: PMP is relevant only to the IT folks

Truth: a big NO. PMP is a prestigious internationally recognized certificate relevant to almost all the professional streams. Every company & every discipline needs project managers and being PMP certified certainly makes a project manager more efficient. The certificate covets respect!

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